ASTRO - Deformation Receiver 7"

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Japanese synth-noise unit that began in 1993 as Hiroshi C.C.C.C. Hasegawa's solo project. Started working with Hiroko Hasegawa in 2009 releasing records on labels like Important, Blossoming Noise, Pan and Tochnit Aleph. His 2nd 7" after the classic Moog Resuscitation from 1994 is an old school punch right in the face. 

 "Massive walls of analog noise, perfectly structured and performed with a sound so detailed that it can actually be listened to and experienced as an orchestral piece."

"Hiroshi Hasegawa, who absolutely kills it on this recording as Astro, is a noise king and we all know it."

"There really is nothing quite like a noisester in his third decade of activity."

Limited to 200 copies.