ASTRO - Shell Star/Spica CD

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Composed by Hiroshi Hasegawa (of C.C.C.C.) this is a re-release of a double 3inch CDR. Arriving with suitable Hubble telescoped imaged photographs it contains two tracks of analogue synthesized waves of cosmic sound effects drenched in reverb.

His Synthi AKS is playing a significant part in this very 60s sounding spacey sci-fi offering. It has that strange unsophisticated sound of Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, and fireball XL5, and I guess should be listened to dressed in a cheap polythene space suit. Apart from what one could call ideological simplicity there is perhaps in the underlying nostalgia the idea that the past offered a future quite unlike this present which resembles evermore the cold materialism of the 1950s.

Cipher Productions