CLAUS BÖHMLER - Klangundkrach LP

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Böhmler (1939) is a Fluxus artist from Hamburg who was one of Joseph Beuys’s students at the Düsseldorfer art academy. From 1974 to 2005 he also was an art professor at the art school of Hamburg where Martin Kippenberger and Albert Oehlen were two of his students. Like Oehlen, Böhmler joined the ‘Lord Jim Lodge’: a mock secret society founded by Kippenberger and Jørg Schlick, the motto of which is ‘Nobody Helps Nobody’ and the logo of which consists of a sun, a hammer and a pair of breasts. Böhmler took an early interest in reproduction techniques. Like sound works, readymades, radio and film, they have remained part of his work since the 1960s.

Klangundkrach is a Musique Concrete collage that was recorded in Hamburg in 1996.

Limited to 300 copies. Slowscan Records.