ISOMER - Serpent Age CD

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Isomer is the solo project of Australian David Tonkin, and remains one of the few active producers of dark ambient music in this far-flung continent.To date, Isomer has self-released three full-length cassettes: Semblance of Perfection, Sedation, and The Lotus Eaters. An Isomer track was also included on the Australianexperimental compilation CD Behind Closed Doors, and will feature on an upcoming 2CD compilation by fledgling Australian industrial label Cranial Fracture Recordings. He is also a periodic club dj, playing an assortment of dark experimental and industrial music.

Serpent Age heralds a new stage in Isomer's progression, taking a decidedly more dark ambient approach than previous outings. It is a focusing and culmination of past work. The project began as personal studies of the hidden. The dark underbellies of perfection. The beauty in decay. The boundless capacity of humankind for self-deceit. In an age and society of force-fed culture and anesthesia, Isomer was the artist's attack, therapy and source of strength. The term itself refers to a chemical compound composed of the same kinds and numbers of atoms as another, but whose atoms differ from each other in their arrangement, and therefore, in their properties. Serpent Ageis an album airing personal beliefs and passions. The Serpent has appeared in many guises throughout history and in a myriad of cultures. It represents deceit for some, wisdom for others. The coil of death, the helix of power. Serpent Age hails this creature as a seal of personal strength and focus. Direction, endurance, fortitude. Question everything. Choose your own path. The Serpent must rule.

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