KAZUMOTO ENDO & KAZUMA KUBOTA - Gyoen Bedieningshendel 7"

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After releasing some of the best dynamic harsh noise as Killer Bug in the 90's Kazumoto Endo continued under his own name to create even crazier spastic noise attacks. This time Kazuma Kubota is joining the party and together they created an all out attack by brutally deformed frequencies.

"Noise artists often tend to neglect the power of silence, unexpected transitions, space, and dynamics. These elements often bring more to a genre of art that is supposed to be exactly that—an eclectic edge that launches you, screaming, far out of your comfort zone. As any fan of dark ambient music will tell you, when silence is used appropriately, it also has the ability to induce a legitimate sense of fear and Gyoen Bedieningshendel has this to offer in spades."

"In the spasmodic ten-minute world of their collaborative 7”, both artists manage to expose you to an extreme-noise collage that drains your energy in the space of a breath."

"Fuck your stupid herbal tea. This here's Endo and Kubota territory. Needless to say, the record is sublime."

Limited to 200 copies.