LIAM O' GALLAGHER - People's Opera Aka Aerosol/or The Computer That Couldn’t Hear: An Inter-Media Opera

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An inter-media opera, scored by Liam O’Gallagher in 1970, for 4 radio stations and a chorus of 9 transistor radios (4 tuned to FM stations and 5 to AM stations) with 3 soloists… Via the bell system, a telephone system, and soloists on tambourine, flute, oboe, and French horn.

The ‘conductor’ signals the operators of the radios to approach the microphones or recede from them. Soloists play according to any predetermined plan. 2 soloists play in the studios and 2 phone into the studios and play their parts through the phone system.

The ‘scorer’ works from the main broadcast control room of the radio station and controls the mix and effects of the various inputs. He determines the final signal or output.

The ‘orchestra’ selects their stations and maintains them throughout the performance. If possible, stations should represent various genres or segments of the community, such as Chinese language, soul, Spanish language, rock, popular tunes, spiritual- and Bible-toned stations.

The time limit is agreed upon in advance by the participitants. Drop out, turn around, tune in.

Limited to 350 copies. Comes in gatefold cover. Slowscan Records.