V/A - Audio Trans Art 2LP

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Feat. Charles Dreyfus, Ferdinand Kriwet, Julien Blaine, Bob George, Richard Maxfield, Henri Chopin, Rolf Julius, Milan Knížák, & Diana Spodorek ‎

Audio Trans Art vol. 1 is a stunning compilation of sound poetry, musique concrète and early electronic music. The double LP covers a wide range of experimental music and poetry in a well-balanced mix of prominent artists and composers of the avant-garde and lesser known artists like Charles Dreyfus and Diana Spodorek. Highlight is Richard Maxfield's untitled piece of electronic music. Some of the other tracks were recorded during the 'Talking Back to the Media' event that took place in Amsterdam in 1985.

Cover art by Flemish artist and poet Paul de Vree. Limited to 250 copies.  Slowscan Records.